Nexus Crossings: You've Come to a Crossroads in Reality

Welcome to The Nexus: It is an in-between space, an intersection of all possible worlds. The doorways to it are as varied as the realm itself. The place is unpredictable, terminally in flux… But isn’t that part of its charm? You never know what you’re going to find, who you’re going to meet, or where you’re going to go. Will you mark that door you found back in your world and move freely between home and here? Will you find your way back has vanished once you stepped through, leaving you stranded? Will you willingly settle here in the Nexus and explore its many doorways to other dimensions? A world of possibilities awaits.

  • No app, no activity check, no reserve list: just join and jump in!
  • Open ended setting: there are regions with themes, but otherwise, it's all up to you!
  • Panfandom, any canon, AU and OCs welcome! Dupes allowed as well, case-by-case.
  • Dynamic, open call for plots. Minimal clearance by mods for plot ideas means you can serve up most any idea!
  • Multimedia events and RP opportunities: monthly IC movie nights, art jams, and more!
  • A welcoming and friendly RP environment that has something for everyone.

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